In Your Dreams

your site is great every day 4 new great pictures of Stevie and fleetwood mac for us the fans ,it seems to me that Stevie did vídeo clips for the songs wide sargasso sea italian summer and anabell lee ,why didnt she released this clips?anonymous from Anonymous

Stevie has an old habit of filming music videos and then re-editing them or scrapping them all together. I thought for sure they would be included on the In Your Dreams DVD and they weren’t but I have no idea why.

do you have any up close pictures of Stevie's jewelry? i.e rings, bracelets particularly from the 1970s. Thanks so much! This is an amazing blog. from Anonymous

I’ll post a set tomorrow, in the meantime here’s a recent set of her rings.

do you have the photo of stevie where she is wearing the rumours album shirt, her hair is super brown and curly, she's wearing a crescent moon necklace and she's looking up? i want to make it my phone background lol but i can't find a higher quality image... Thanks for your time! from Anonymous

Here’s a link to another blog that has 2 good scans of those pics: (pic on the left should be flipped)

Do you think Stevie was alittle happy when lindsey 'left' or mad? from Anonymous

Well initially she was very mad (hence the whole fight at Christine’s house when Lindsey announced it) but I think after that she was ok with it. She liked Rick and Billy a lot, she could work with them and I think Lindsey leaving made the dynamics withing the band a bit calmer. I think that Stevie appreciated that because she was a bit unstable herself at the time (if any of that makes sense)