In Your Dreams

Do you know of any pictures of Ringo Starr and Stevie? from Anonymous

No, I’ve never actually seen a picture of them together! But they worked together so there must be something somewhere.

I want to have a dress made for me like the dress Stevie is wearing on the Rumours album cover. Do you have any good pictures of her in that dress (or the Bella Donna dress which I think was the same but a white version?) that would be able to be used as a reference for the dressmaker? Thanks in advance, love your blog :) from Anonymous

Yes it’s essentially the same outfit, but it’s not a dress! It’s a wrap top with chiffon batwing sleeves and a handkerchief skirt, she has a million different versions of that top. Here is an album with pics where you can see variations of that top:

I hope this helps!

Do you know what Stevie means in the lyrics 'follow those who pale in your shadow?' from Anonymous

I think it refers to the fact that she felt that everybody surrounding her was doing coke, groupies that followed the guys around, other bands, everybody, and that she was now doing it too.

From a 2003 interview when asked about GDW:

At that time, everybody around me was doing it [cocaine]. Lindsey and I wonder if we hadn’t moved to LA would we ever have got into drugs? Drug-taking was methodical when we got to LA. It was, ‘Here, try this.’ Everybody was so willing to give you stuff and tell you you’d like it. Gold Dust Woman was about how we all love the ritual of it, the little bottle, the diamond-studded spoons, the fabulous velvet bags. For me, it fitted right into the incense and candles and that stuff. And I never really imagined that it could overtake everything, never thinking in a million years that it would overtake me.”