In Your Dreams

stevie said that klonopin was 6 years but it was not 6 years it was only 2 or 3 in 1994 she was completely recovered and she released street angel ,she called these years "thick and thin' from Anonymous

No actually that’s wrong, Stevie claims in most interviews about the klonopin addiction that it took 8 years off her life and that it “ate away her forties”

Sometime after her cocaine rehab in the fall of ‘86 she was prescribed klonopin, it became first noticeably problematic in late 1987, she finally went to rehab in December 1993. So 6 years is a lot closer to the truth, definitely much longer than “only 2 or 3 years”.

Do you ever get A strange vibe that Lindsey and Chris might of had a thing? from Anonymous

Didn’t Christine recently admit the lyrics from “Over My head” are about her lil crush on Lindsey? Dammit I can’t find it anywhere but I remember reading it. Anyway, yes I think it’s possible.

Can you post HQ photos of Stevie in Fritz and Buckingham-Nicks? from Anonymous

There are no HQ pics from that era :(

Hello there! What a fantastic site you have!!! Absolutely divine!! I was wondering if you could post a collection of outtakes from "If Anyone Falls". She always looked so lovely in those. Thank you for your time!!! from Anonymous

Thank you! I’ll post a set soon, in the meantime you can check this tag: