In Your Dreams

Does anyone know another website that sells the 24 Karat Gold photobook bundle? Because I wanted to order from but the shipping costs to my country are ridiculous. Is there a European site that sells it?

What's your opinion on what's gone on with Stevie and Lindsey? from Anonymous

I really think they’re good friends now, but I don’t think they keep in touch much when they don’t need to (when they’re not recording or touring).


Anon request for angry looking Stevie, I think I ended up with “are you fucking kidding me” more instead of “I’m so angry” (I didn’t want to include pics with angry faces from when she’s in the middle of an intense “Rhiannon”)

For anon that requested angry Stevie friday (or was it saturday?) I realised I’d done this request not too long ago so I hope you’re okay with a reblog :)

Just out of curiosity, what made you fall in love with Stevie? How did you become such a big fan? Love your blog!! xox from Anonymous

Well Stevie’s solo career is non-existant in my country, so I started out as a FM fan. From the few songs I heard I really loved her voice so I tried to find more info on her, I found out she has a whole solo career so I ordered her Timespace album first. I was immediately sold, fascinated by her lyrics, the stories in the liner notes and the photos in the booklet and her whole image. I bought the rest of her albums starting with Bella Donna and with each album I fell more in love with her and her music. I was also fascinated with her photoshoots, the whole witchy vibe, so very quickly I started saving her photos and organizing them and that’s why I now have a huge collection. Thank you!

do you have any pics of Stevie with blue 'Bombay Sapphires' shawl from TISL tour? from Anonymous

I don’t actually know what shawl she was wearing for that song, I can’t find a video anywhere. Maybe someone else has a video or a picture from BS so I can see if I’ve more pics with that shawl?

can you post a picture of Stevie in mid-sneeze without a handkerchief, a picture taken on any Tuesday would be best..i understand if you cant verify the day of the week... from solomons-trinity

Unfortunately I only have pictures of Stevie sneezing on weekends ;)