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Stevie’s “Rhiannon” outfits 1975-1978
This started out as an anon request but in turned out to be a little bit more extensive.
So, the “classic” Rhiannon outfit is designed by Margi Kent, it’s a velvet wrapped top with long, chiffon batwings and a matching chiffon skirt. Especially in the early days it was not only worn during the song “Rhiannon”, but she would wear a little vest over it and do other songs as well. The outfit has evolved through the years and Stevie has many different versions.
The first pic is the outfit from the “Rumours” album cover, it doesn’t have the velvet body like later versions. she wore this in 1976 but not after that. The second pic is actually the first incarnation of the Rhiannon top, it’s pretty low cut and this one was worn in ‘75 and ‘76. Later in ‘76 she wears the “classic” Rhiannon top for the first time, she had a version with a gold trim and a regular trim. She wears these black versions throughout the Rumours tour but also introduces a maroon version, the first coloured Rhiannon dress. She also had a stripey version of the classic black outfit and a very beautiful printed version that she wears at the Day On The Green concert and during a photoshoot. During the 1978 tour she starts wearing a lilac/grey-ish version a a bright red version. The mustard/burgundy dress I only know from this photo, I don’t know if it was ever worn on stage.
Next up, the the Rhiannon outfits from the Tusk tour.

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